Gourmet Cloud Kitchen, Art of Dum Launches in Al Barsha

Dubai’s favourite Dum Pukht kitchen has opened its third kitchen in the city in the vibrant neighborhood of Al Barsha. With this launch, Art of Dum will now be available in almost all of Dubai. Foodies can order the much-loved slow-cooked dishes online from their ordering portal as well as from Zomato and Talabat.

Art of Dum is the latest offering from the house of Foodlink, a leading F&B conglomerate with casual dining restaurants such as China Bistro, India Bistro, and so on. and luxury catering offerings across Dubai, India, and Turkey.

Launched earlier this year, the gourmet kitchen has become famous for its traditional Awadhi cuisine delivered in a modern avatar. The brand pays a lot of emphasis on the pillars of safety, hygiene, and quality and has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst food lovers in Dubai for its authentic Dum Pukht cuisine as well as for its eco-friendly packaging.

The brand delivers a fine dining experience on your table with authentic slow-cooked Dum Pukht cuisine and a packaging philosophy that is designed keeping in mind sustainability and a great dining experience. The packaging contains eco-friendly materials and items which can be reused or recycled. There are glass jars for gravies, dals, and sides, glass bottles for beverages, clay Handis for biryani, and recyclable paper boxes in the packaging.

Try the slow-cooked signature biryanis such as Awashi Murgh Biryani Yakhni M Gosht Biryani, Firangi Chicken Tikka Biryani, Bombay Style Paneer Tikka Biryani, Dum Handi Ka Gosht; starters like Lahori Boti, Lucknowi Tundey Ke Kebab; mains such as their delectable slow cooked Dal Makhani, Chuley Ka Murgh; Wholesome Rolls; sweet dishes like Kesat Phirni, and the newly launched Gajar Ka Halwa, and some unique coolers like the Grapefruit Sparkle, Rhubarb Basil Bliss and more.

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