UAE Vegan Brand Kind Lyfe Launches New Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Bites

In celebration of ‘Veganuary,’ Kind Lyfe, the homegrown vegan snack startup, enters the new year with further expansion to their exceedingly popular product line with the launch of their Pecan Pie flavor Cookie Dough Bite. The brand, known for its delicious and guilt-free vegan cookies, has also introduced a limited-edition, Personalized Vegan Gift Box, which is now available on order. 

‘Veganuary’ has transformed into a global mass movement that aims to promote a vegan lifestyle for the first month of the year. According to Veganaury, the campaign has continued to gain traction and evolve and has welcomed over 580,00 new sign-ups across 209 countries and over 825 new vegan products and menus launched in 2021. As millions of consumers shift to adopt a plant-based diet, Kind Lyfe has continued to promote and expand on their kind product range. 

Since launching in 2020, Kind Lyfe has successfully entered 45 retail outlets and sold 50,000 products, proving to be a market favorite. Continuing to consistently develop the brand’s offering, the Kind Lyfe founders had recently completed a series of market research, which had led to the launch of the Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Bites after the trio had realized their latest flavor, Pecan Pie, was near to almost non-existent within the current vegan market.

As households prepare to participate in ‘Veganuary,’ Kind Lyfe’s newest, the limited edition gift box is the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones who wish to enjoy a nutritious yet scrumptious sweet treat. The box is jam-packed with eight delicious cookies, including two of each type; The popular Raw Chocolate Dipped Cookie, the Fruit Mix Cookie, the Raw Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, and the Raw Chocolate Chunk Cookie and three yummy cookie dough bite boxes; The Classic Cookie Dough Bites, the Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough Bites and the newly launched, Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Bites.

The limited-edition gift box sets are not only delicious and satisfy a diverse palate but are fun and personable. Customers are able to select the gift box, add the name they wish to appear on the top of the box, select a preferred color, place the order, and it will be delivered directly to your home within five working days. Once empty, the personalized box makes the perfect kit for the safekeeping of memorabilia or other storage items. 

Kind Lyfe was launched amidst the pandemic by three family members, Akshay Ramsinghani, his wife Aria, and his sister Ruchika, in a bid to satisfy individuals with specific dietary needs without compromising on flavor and texture, and has welcomed the continued success across the UAE. Aria, the family Co-Founder comments, “I have been a vegan for over ten years and had routinely searched for products that could accommodate my dietary needs that offered both nutrition and flavor. Today, I am proud of our achievements, creating a brand that offers a broad choice of snacks that can satisfy every individual’s preferred taste. Our gift box and variety of flavors are a true testament to challenging the misconception that vegan snacks are dull and tasteless”.

At AED135, the ‘Veganuary’ gift box is available for a limited time only, and the Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Bites can be purchased for AED10, along with any of the brand’s individual products.

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