Destino Incantato Necklace is a Masterpiece of Passion by Sicis Jewels

Jewels have always fascinated and resisted the evolution of society as they transmit the deepest of the feelings and make eternal intrinsic meanings connected with our emotions.

Artistic Director of Sicis Jewels, Gioia Placuzzi, is fully aware of this. With the latest enveloping design that recalls plastic dynamism, implicating design, innovation and fine jewellery, Sicis Jewels have unveiled its breathtaking 14.33-carat diamonds Destino Incantato Necklace.

The precious jewel features white gold 18-carat, tanzanite 3.91-carat and rubellite 4.23-carat. A three-dimensional design, where curved lines intertwined inside-out and mark the trajectories of a movement, made up of dynamic shapes and vivid colours: a statement of the jewel’s powerful and symbolic visual language.

Adopting the light attracted by the stones, the design’s soft and fluid structures and using millimetric splinters of micromosaic, Gioia Placuzzi and artisans brought to life a centrepiece jewel. The delicate work is full of vitality and elegance in every detail.

“Beauty is the ensemble of everything. In the meticulous elaboration of each step and each peculiar process, the use of special techniques, the search for precious stones, the rigour of freedom of thought without constraints,” shares Gioia. “Free expression of my inner world through the creations is the driving force behind my creative thought,” she adds.

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